We offer a variety of solutions for your communication needs!

At SGNL Communications, we offer a comprehensive range of communication solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our diverse product areas include Two-Way Radios, encompassing both Portables and Mobiles, sourced from leading brands like Kenwood, Icom, and BK Technologies, with EFJohnson as our primary go-to Radio Brand, known for its reliability and outstanding performance. In addition to Two-Way Radios, we provide a wide array of Accessories from trusted brands such as Power Products, SetCom, and Rammount, ensuring you have all the essential tools to optimize your communication systems. Furthermore, our expertise extends to Complete Two-Way Radio Systems, from designing customized solutions to deployment and maintenance, enabling seamless and efficient communication for various industries. With SGNL Communications, you can count on top-quality products and expert support, empowering your organization with reliable communication that fosters enhanced collaboration, safety, and productivity.

Two Way Radios, Portables, Mobiles

Explore our extensive range, featuring Two-Way Radios, including both Portables and Mobiles, sourced from industry-leading brands like Kenwood, Icom, and BK Technologies. While we offer exceptional products from all these reputable manufacturers, our primary brand, EFJohnson, takes center stage as a testament to its reliability and exceptional performance. At SGNL Communications, we are committed to providing you with cutting-edge communication technology that empowers your operations.

Our carefully curated selection of Two-Way Radios caters to various industries, whether you are in Law Enforcement, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, or the Hotel & Hospitality sector. With diverse options to choose from, we are confident that our products will elevate your communication capabilities, streamline workflows, and enhance overall efficiency. Experience clear, real-time communication with our reliable Two-Way Radios, unlocking the potential for seamless coordination and enhanced safety throughout your organization. Explore our selection and discover the perfect communication solutions from SGNL Communications that will keep your team connected and performing at their best.


At SGNL Communications, we go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive range of products and services, including the sales and servicing of essential communication Accessories. Our commitment to excellence extends to renowned brands such as Power Products, SetCom, and Rammount. Whether you require reliable batteries, durable headsets, or secure mounting solutions, our selection of Accessories caters to various industries, empowering you with the tools to optimize your communication systems. Count on SGNL Communications to not only deliver top-quality Accessories but also provide expert support and maintenance services to keep your equipment in top-notch condition, ensuring seamless communication and enhanced performance when you need it most.

Complete Two Way Radio Systems

GNL Communications takes pride in offering comprehensive solutions for all your communication needs. We specialize in the sales and maintenance of complete Two-Way Radio Systems, designed to meet the unique requirements of various industries. As a trusted communication partner, we rely on the EFJohnson brand as our go-to Radio Brand, recognized for its exceptional reliability and performance. From designing customized communication systems to deploying and maintaining them, our team of experts ensures that your Two-Way Radio Systems are optimized for seamless and efficient communication. With SGNL Communications, you can rely on top-tier products and dedicated support to keep your communication network operating at its best, empowering your team to stay connected and excel in their operations.