We carry a range of trusted brands!

Welcome to SGNL Communications’ Brands Page, where we take pride in partnering with industry-leading brands to provide you with the best communication solutions in the market. As your trusted communication solutions provider, we have carefully curated a selection of top-tier brands that have proven their reliability and exceptional performance across various industries.

Kenwood: Known for its cutting-edge technology and durable products, Kenwood offers a wide range of Two-Way Radios that cater to diverse communication needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and clear communication.

EFJohnson: As our primary go-to Radio Brand, EFJohnson stands at the forefront of our offerings. With a reputation for excellence in reliability and performance, EFJohnson’s Two-Way Radios are perfect for mission-critical applications.

Icom: Renowned for its innovation and commitment to quality, Icom provides reliable and feature-rich communication solutions, ensuring smooth communication in even the most challenging environments.

BK Technologies: With a focus on ruggedness and dependability, BK Technologies’ Two-Way Radios are designed to withstand the rigors of demanding industries, making them ideal for reliable and long-lasting communication.

Viking, Atlas, and Vault: These brands offer an extensive selection of Accessories, including batteries, headsets, and mounting solutions, enhancing the functionality and convenience of your communication systems.

Power Products: Providing superior batteries and chargers, Power Products ensures your communication devices stay powered and ready for action at all times.

SetCom: Known for its advanced headsets and communication accessories, SetCom offers a range of products to meet the specific communication needs of various industries.

Rammount: For secure mounting solutions, Rammount is a trusted brand, offering durable and versatile mounts to keep your communication devices easily accessible and within reach.

At SGNL Communications, we stand by our commitment to excellence by partnering with these reputable brands, ensuring that you receive only the best communication solutions to optimize your operations and enhance productivity. Explore our range of top-quality products and discover how our trusted brands can revolutionize your communication capabilities for a brighter future.