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Based in Waterbury, CT, we specialize in delivering top-notch sales and service of communication solutions to Government Agencies and Business Enterprises across Connecticut and the broader New England region.

Our dedicated team possesses a wide array of capabilities, including engineering, system installation and support, as well as field service and repair. We focus on providing communication solutions tailored to your specific needs, optimizing your mission capabilities and enhancing customer service.

As proud partners of leading Radio Manufacturers such as Kenwood, EFJohnson, Icom, and BK Technologies, we ensure that you receive the highest quality communication devices. Additionally, we offer an array of premium Radio Accessory Brands, including Power Products, SetCom, and Rammount, to further enhance your communication experience.

At SGNL Communications, EFJohnson holds a special place as our primary radio line, known for its exceptional performance and reliability in mission-critical situations.

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